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Food is the basic need of human being to survive and plays a very important role in maintaining our health and also prevents and cures ailments in our body. what we earn we spent mostly on food. From poor to rich everybody's first priority is food as we can't survive without food. Food choices depends on our culture and social life of a family. To maintain good health we should eat a balanced nutritional food.As our lifestyle became busy there is a lot of changes in our food and we are not giving proper attention to good food habits. Fast foods replaced our traditional food. we are finding restaurants, fast food centers, chat centers at every intersection of the road. we are even getting food by just online booking.

Now a days availability of a food at any time at any place made ourselves so lazy and causing lot of health problems. Always home food is tastier and healthier than outside food. But as no body having time to cook at home and people are used to eat instant food and preservative foods which can be made with no time which causes obesity. Eating lot of fat foods, cool drinks causing lot of health disorders. Even the advertisements of the company like McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut made us to crave for the fat food. As the parents are not giving proper time for their children and not supervising the food what they used to eat outside like chats, chocolates, chips and other fatty stuff and making them obese at the young age its self.

It makes children so lazy and their mental ability also won't be active like others who eat healthy food. Especially parents should take a lot of care in the food habits of children. We should guide the children to spend some time on outdoor games so that they will be very active through out the day but now a days it is not happening because children are spending more time watching television, or on mobile phones for playing video games and they like to eat pizza or burger while watching TV. With this children will become so lazy and they will gain weight. Once in a while eating fast food is OK but eating them in daily is very hazardous to our physical and mental health.

Obsession Towards Fast Food Causing Obesity 

As one in-take of burger has lot of calories goes in to our body and having no physical activity, so these calories store in our body as fat. I am sure at one day Americans can scarf down Pizzas, burgers, fries and other fast food items. Even though if 2 percent to 3 percent of customers complained, definitely it would make a big drop in their sales. Going forward fast food culture is moving very fast into school canteens which is very horrible, eating habits should be controlled when you are in young age else if you get fat then you are going to start a life long battle on Obesity.

Another biggest problem in fast food chains is tend to recruit the unskilled labor who is going to end up working in dangerous conditions but they don't know to ask for better improvements. Just say to our beloved children to stop eating fast food as it causes lot of following health problems.

  • Heart Disease and Stroke
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Gallbladder Disease
  • Breathing problems

Prevention is always better than cure. We should try to avoid fat foods as much as possible for that we have to make a proper week diet time table and we have to follow that and we have to eat lot of fruits, vegetables which have a good source of vitamins and minerals. Healthy living starts from child hood so it is parents duty to tell their children to take healthy food and to stop eating fast foods.

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