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Windows Phone have been emerging since they made their way into the Smartphone Competitive world. They have kept gaining new features for every small update to let their users feel happy for getting a Windows Phone. Since the WP 7 to the present WP 8.1 Update 2 aka GDR2, the Windows Phone has gained a ton of changes which no one can think of. Microsoft really worked hard and concentrated more about the Windows Phone environment, along-side with the Windows PC Environment. They wanted to create an area where all the Windows devices stay in sync with each other, so that users can continue their work from all their devices, may be the Surface, Xbox, Windows Phone or the Windows PC. This is the main reason for the evolution of the most advanced Windows 10 that is going to be launched onto the PC this July 29th.

But the thing that kept lagging Windows Phone back, is the absence of the app/game Eco-system on Windows Platform. There are already many notable apps of the Android and iOS on the Windows, but the users of WP want to have all the new apps equal-side along with the Android and iOS. The developers kept concentrating on the two main platforms namely the Android and iOS, but are neglecting Windows Phone due to the thought that there aren’t many users.Who the hell have told them that there aren’t any users? Windows Phones have gained a large market all over the world with the launch of WP 8.1 alone. In some countries like the Pakistan, Windows Phones have already crossed the iPhone users. In India, Windows Phone is gaining a large number of fans day-by-day, and the Love for Windows Phone kept increasing.

The rest lies in the hands of the developers. They need to make their way onto Windows Phone platform where they should have a small thought that their apps or games of the Android and iOS can be showcased to a wider number of audience yet. Microsoft provides developers with ton of newer options for encouraging them to stay on WP forever, and it also conducts some Hackathons, Challenges, Appathons and all other competitions for showcasing their awesome apps and does award them. It considers every developer in person, and provide them with the resources they need. It is also said that coding on the Microsoft Visual Studio would always be a fun thing for developers, as it is designed in such a way to decrease the heck of Coding mistakes.

Android-iOS appsto WindowsPlatform

Microsoft made a great tool named “Automagical” with which the Android and iOS developers can use their C and C++ code of their apps into Windows Platform, which means the developer doesn’t need to code freshly for their Windows app. They can use the same code (most part of the code) of the Android and iOS apps, directly onto their Windows app, that reduces 80% of the work. Then, why are the developers sleeping still?

The developers with a small work on their Android and iOS apps can port it onto Windows Platform, and start generating revenue from the very next day. There are some of the games like the Candy Crush Saga that have been ported to Windows Phone, just like that without re-writing the code. The game kept working on the Windows platform without a lag, and no one knew that it is an iOS app, until Microsoft revealed it. Big games are working very well on the platform, but why the developers are still not knowing this?

Wake up developers! It’s now time to entertain the Windows Phone users too with your apps and games, not just the Android and iOS users. Here is a video from Microsoft that gives you information on how easy it is to port your apps onto Windows Platform named “project Astoria”.

There is also a Facebook page that works in encouraging developers to make their way onto the Windows Phone platform explaining them the Fruits of Windows Phone platform, alongside with the problems they would be facing on the Android. For more details check the "Project Astoria" page in Facebook.

It is also a known fact that any premium apps/games on Android can be easily cracked down, and installed free of charge, whereas in the Windows, it won’t occur. Even the In-App Purchases can be easily bought free of charge, with the apps like the Freedom, Lucky Patcher, Game Killer etc., that fraud the developer’s app and get the users all the APIs free forever. These things won’t happen on the WP Platform, and hence the developers have a great chance to gain revenue, as well as fans on the Windows Environment.

Therefore developers of Android and iOS, please wake up atleast now and let the Windows Phone users too, to enjoy your services and entertain them. Gain more fans and showcase your apps to wider number of Millions of  Audience.

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