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As it is rightly said "Every invention has its advantages and its disadvantages" 

As science and technologies have progressed with the inventions of new gadgets. Gadgets have a high demand among all ages especially in the teenagers. With the spread of education and growing technology gadgets like I-pads, I-phones, Androids installed phones, laptops etc have reached the heart and minds of people. This surely has adversely effected their social relation with their family!

The relationship between parents and children has been affected the most, as parents are either working and children are really busy with school work.Even when parents get time on weekends the children are either busy in chatting or logging themselves in social networking sites, etc. and hence they do not know the value of family relations and loosing connection with their family members.It is true that nowadays technology rules the world. Undoubtedly, human interaction has been influenced through introduction of new technological devices. There are positive and negative impacts on everything! Technology makes the world move faster. But using too much of technology is surely damaging the relations. Undoubtedly the previous generation was a golden era of only enjoyment with family. It did not involve of clicking pictures or posting them on Facebook or Instagram.


Internet has became a basic amenity from rich to poor as the technology brought drastic change in human life giving lot of advantages and disadvantages.It provides lot of information like internet shopping, price comparison, online ticket bookings and so on. We are getting everything through internet and giving us more entertainment. It making children addicted to gadgets giving lot of health problems and also obesity issues. These are the advantages and disadvantages of internet. It is one of the best short essay on modern technologies.

Advantages of modern communication enhanced through this internet which made the human life easy and lazy. Technology might help us being in touch with family but not in a face-to-face manner. A sprinkle of reality is surely missing! Technology, like two sided coin, has positive and negative impacts on people communication. However,the negative side of the issue is being over weighed by positive one. So,summing it up technology is surely good till an extent but not at the cost of degrading family relations!! These are the advantages and disadvantages of Technology.

Family members wish to spend more time with their near ones, but with the excessive usage of gadgets, people are ending up depressed and lonely causing an excessive demand of psychiatrists. Sadly this is the situation of today's generation. Mostly psychiatrists advice them to spend time with their families to overcome depression. Though family members are living under one roof but are a thousand miles apart. so,the distance between family members is growing. The relation between wife and husband also getting strained because of this gadgets,as both are working and even they get time they are spending in social networking sites.so,there is no understanding,adjustments and so it is also increasing divorce rate. It seems 100 inventions that changed the world.

we should use the technology, but we should not forget our roots and our culture. In previous days we use to spend time in grandparents house listening our religious stories... and playing mostly outdoor games that makes us more attachment with our grand parents and friends. But I think this generation is missing all this and thinking gadgets are life and everything. They are all missing real life in spending time with family members.

Using gadgets is good, with the change in technology everyone are tempted to buy them and use them.we should not become robots in hands of technology but we should control technology. we can overcome that to make our life happier by spending time with family members and friends.  But now considering the present situation it only seems like gadgets are controlling and ruling human interactions.

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