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Thursday, 23 July 2015 03:00

Earlier Politics for People - Now politics is for Power & Money

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Politics is ruling the entire world not the people. As leaders should work for welfare of people but now in present scenario the leaders are working for the welfare of their family and own desires. If any of two people meet in any place they talk about politics and cinema in their conversation. Politics can change the country to a prosperity or it can destroy the welfare of the country. Politics is so polluted than air, water and food in this modern era. As the entire world is inventing new ideas to change the life style of people easy, the politics also changed by leaders and they are using it for their selfish purposes. The world is going forward but the India is not able to meet that speed because of corruption in politics.

So many leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Balgangadhar Tilak and Subhash Chandra Bose sacrificed their life for the freedom of our country India from Britishers. They did not bother about their selfish desires and worked only for the welfare of Indians. If these leaders are alive today and if they see the today's politics they will really feel for what we made India free from Britishers is not accomplishing. As India is largest democratic country in which the leaders are elected by people once in five years. The leader will be elected and he can do what ever he wants as he is having full powers till five years. No party or No leader is working and thinking for the welfare of the poor. The democracy is now being like a monarchy in today's era. Politics have ruined the moral values. Only  selfishness, self interest and to expand their business for their children and grand children. All parties acquired the same policy towards the country. Earlier there are so many leaders who dedicated the life for the country but now the politicians even using the parliament or assembly sessions for their own benefits by disrupting the sessions and no problem related to people are discussed.It is harmful for the democracy once the people loose faith in political leaders.

Earlier Politics for People - Now politics is for Power & Money

All political parties are fighting for the power to occupy the chair for Chief Minister or Prime Minister post and neglecting the ethics and morals. You cannot see even a single leader who is working for people even if they do any welfare program in that there will be scams and they transfer the money to their own companies. To get the more number of seats in Parliament or Assembly they are making enemies as friends and bringing the criminals in to the politics. The money and power is ruling the today's politics. India become independent on August 1947 but can we see any drastic change in development of country as India is abundant of Human and Natural resources. The answer is 'NO". There are no regrets for that as we all till now all the parties are working for power and using all our money for their luxuries and comforts. How can we expect India to be the number 1 country with this kind of attitude in politics.

So many leaders like Lal Bahadur Shastri, Dr. Babu Rajendra Prasad, Dr. Ambedkar who followed the constitution and they gave up even their property and they had a very simple living. But now a days all political parties and their leaders are looting the country's wealth. Before coming to power all leaders will have no money, after power they are becoming Industrialist. All leaders and all parties are following the same path and not looking for the prosperity of country for their power. The politics also using bureaucrats for their power and making them corrupt and so, all the welfare schemes are not reaching the poor people. As Gandhiji said India will be developed only if the villages are developed. But now we are seeing opposite situation because political parties can do any thing even they kill people or bring communal riots for their power and they are thinking to bring their children to power.

The politics has to be completely cleaned as all days won't be the same and there can be revolution by people of our country to make our leaders to change. Till the political leaders work for the welfare of people and not for power, money then India will compete with other countries. As a citizen of our country it is also our responsibility to bring change in politics and to enlighten the people and not to encourage corruption.

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  • Comment Link Sreenivasulu Thursday, 23 July 2015 07:02 posted by Sreenivasulu

    Well Said. Because educated people escape from social responsibility.


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