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Saturday, 13 June 2015 11:32

Desktop Found in Trash Fetched them Cash....

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A woman who is residing in silicon valley, USA wants to clean her late husband's garage and she found a old computer in that cleaning process. She is unaware of that value and threw that computer in a  clean Bay area garbage. It happens to all of us. While cleaning, unaware of the value of old items we threw and later we regret when we come to know the real value of that item. 

Always OLD IS GOLD for that I am conveying this information to know the value of old items before throwing in trash. She threw that and went back to her house. In a regular cleaning process  the clean bay area recycling center collected the trash and they found a computer and they sent that to their research center as they are specialized in computers,lab equipment Items. They suspected  that woman unknowingly threw that computer which was a first generation Apple computer designed by Steve jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne. Originally they were sold at a cost of $600 approximately per each computer and known as Apple-1 in 1976.

They found that this apple computer is of high value  and fetch them huge money if they conduct a private auction. In that auction that Apple-1 computer was sold for $200,000. As per Indian currency it is 1 crore 20 lakh rupees. It is unbelievable amount for the old desktop.The vice president of the clean-bay area center Victor Gichun told the NBC affiliate KNTV News that while cleaning the garbage before her house we found two electronic equipment and we asked whether do you need that but that woman said 'No'as she is unaware of that real value".


 we also asked whether she need a tax receipt but she refused. After suspicious about that computer we found it is original Apple-1 and not fake after research then he told to NBC news. As that Apple-1 computer fetched them $2,00,000 the Victor Guchan want to give 50% of auction amount to the original owner as their company policy. They were not able to find that mysterious woman and search operation for her is still going on to hand over her cheque. I pray that company soon trace her and give her money.    

The Two hundred thousand dollar amount is actually on the lowest side of the highly collectible electronic items. Some time back Bonham's old working desktop desktop was auctioned for more than $7,50,000 (includes commission). Couple of years back another Apple-1 computer sold for nearly $ 675,000. But we could believe with our eyes and we believe that it is Fake. But It is true news from NBC USA as I said again and again OLD IS GOLD. 


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